Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!

Okay, so its not til Sunday, but still...woohoo! What a wonderful year it has been for us together. We've had a lot happen this year with my dad's heart attack, buying a house, being pregnant, and my mom passing away, but, through it all I have definitely realized how thankful I am for having Gary in my life and I know he is thankful for me too:) He has been so supportive and encouraging...I hope you all get to see that side of him! This picture was taken right after we got engaged on Jan. 21st of 2005 up at Green Lake.


  1. I remember that day! We were finishing work at Surrey Christian Middle, I came up to your classroom. And we both "sort of" knew that this was the big weekend!
    Louise you are blessed to have Gary, it's great to see you so happy

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I think i've seen that side of G-Chap. It's the "James, step up your game or Micheal Ui is going in" side, right?

  3. Salutations, Louise and many happy more and even better years to you both (or should I say three?) Me and your Oma will be thinking of you Sunday. We remember well the Green Lake splendors and the pleasure of visiting and meeting family and friends.
    Al and your Oma.

  4. Happy anniversary, Chappy's.

  5. belated congrats! And no, i didn't forget...I only forgot to actually say "congrats" on Sunday...
    Did you guys know you have the greatest neighbours? They give you food, weed-eater, pop, pats on the belly (maybe not for Gary)... and as I write this let it be known that your great neighbour is watching your house, keepin' an eye out for gangsta's, to help protect your/our hood. Those great neighbours deserve a medal. Oh ya...congrats yet again on your one year! What a huge one it's been!