Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Highlights of One Decade and Goals For the Next

I love looking back to see where I have been and then goal setting for all that is ahead. Here are five main highlights from the past 10 years:

1. Nya Bear. Her birth in 2012 came after two years of going through the adoption process and a miscarriage. We always wanted to adopt and when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease post partum with Koen, it was solidified. However, the adoption agency shut down, we weren't chosen and this led us to our final pregnancy and birth of our Nya Bear. Trying to adopt was a stepping stone to lead to our fostering journey where we were a foster-to-adopt family. She has been such a joy.

2. Remission from Graves Disease. I was first diagnosed in 2009 and was in remission in 2011. I had it again from 2012-2013 and have been healthy from it for seven years now.

3. Filling my parenting toolbox.  In 2015 we started fostering and learned a lot of about trauma, empathy and the needs in our community. Along the way, parenting newborns to teenagers I have learned a lot about puberty, asthma, ADHD, ASD etc. I have some skills now and feel like a much more equipped parent and teacher. I have grown so much as a person this decade and I'm grateful for it.

4. Travel. When we got married, our goal was to do backpacking trips. I had no idea we would travel so much! I am incredibly grateful for all of the places we have visited: the Philippines, Thailand, Caribbean, Disney World (winning was AMAZING), Disneyland, Netherlands, Belgium, France (seeing the Eiffel Tower was surreal), Yellowstone, Arizona, and Mexico. My kids would choose the cruise as their favourite (all inclusive is their love language) and mine would probably the same although the Netherlands was a highlight connecting to my family roots. When we reflect on the highlight of our year, it is always, always travel.

5. My boys falling in love with sports and me playing hockey again. I have loved watching my boys play ball hockey, basketball, volleyball, cross country, track etc. I enjoy it because I celebrate their health and their ability to be part of a team and push themselves. Gary has also started playing basketball once a week now–way to go, Gary!

Looking ahead at the next ten years I feel hopeful and nervous. It was in this decade that my parents experienced major health challenges (40-50 years of age). I will try to focus on what I can control such as my activity, sleep, food and stress (to some degree). 

And, here are my goals for the next 10 years:

1. Be healthy. I will continue to eat home cooked meals, sleep 8 hours and exercise daily (mostly walking) and pray that I will be able to enjoy each day without major health issues. Currently trying to get my iron levels up.

2. Hike the West Coast Trail summer 2021 with Kai and Koen. Gary thinks nine-year-old Nya could do it but I am not certain. This date seems to be the optimal time where my boys are strong enough to do it (Kai could easily do it now) and where Gary and I will still be in okay enough shape to make it through. I am in the worst shape of my life (other than pregnancy and Graves Disease) due to ongoing health issues so I'm hoping that in 1.5 years from now I'll be stronger.

I've hiked the West Coast Trail three times but the last time was in 2005!
3. Retire-both of us by June 2030 (me much earlier, Gary possibly work part-time in 10 years or just coach or ?).

4. Stay in our home which we will be mortgage-free from this year! We will need to do quite a few updates in that time as I am sure we'll have to replace appliances, flooring and the roof but all cheaper than moving!

We moved in February 24th, 2006. I was three months pregnant with Kai Bear.
5. Travel: Hawaii with our kids. I am not sure which Island (Maui vs Big Island) but we'll see! Our kids would also LOVE to do another cruise so we are considering an Alaskan one.

6. See my baby graduate high school and my boys find a program/career that they love. I have no idea what they will do after high school. Kai has plans to do something with math or science and go to school locally here in B.C. but anything could happen in the next four years. Koen loves P.E./sports and would love to be a P.E. teacher. Nya says she would like to either be a scientist and work with all of her friends in the lab (ha ha!!) or be a fashion designer. Not sure what she'll end up doing but my hope for her is that she maintains her zest for life.

Kai's kindergarten "grad"
Reflecting on where we are I am grateful. Gary and I have a solid marriage with our three beautiful and unique kids alongside stable and good jobs. We have many family members and friends nearby and enjoy the communities we are a part of. It has not all been wonderful as there were many valleys but we climbed out and up again. Happy New Year, friends! All the best to you in 2020 and in the years to come.


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