Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Good morning, friends! Thank you for checking out this space which is not getting the time that it used to. Purposefully. Instagram and Facebook have taken over the role of connecting with others and recording memories for me in a way. Also, going through my priorities (have you read "Essentialism"?), this was one area where I had to let things go when I went back to work. However, I will not let this blog go completely as it is a big part of my life; a journal of sorts of the years and a place to connect, share and grow.

What are some things that I am grateful for today?

1. The Libby App. If someone mentions a book, I just go on my app and put a hold on it as an e-book or audiobook; whichever is fastest. I do prefer an e-book though. I just read this classic! I had hoped the tears would flow and they didn't, but it was beautiful.

2. Modern Love series on Amazon Prime. I somehow got suckered into this membership several years ago and finding a series I like makes it feel more worthwhile. I really enjoy these episodes when I need a solid 25 minutes of "Louise time".

3. Beautiful education for my kids. We recently had student-led conferences and I'm just so grateful for the teachers and EA's that are speaking into their lives each and every day. Our kids are known, loved and supported and I could not ask for anything more. We do pay for a private school and to me it is completely worth it for the opportunities that they have and the mission of their school lived out. I am not saying that public schools cannot do the same, I am sure they can and do! We have just found that this works best for our family.

4. Koen solidifying his positioning in hockey. He loves sports and has always struggled with where he should be (understanding how his body works in each space). This fall he has his positioning down between center and winger and we are so proud of how hard he works each and every game.  I also admire his attitude whether he wins or loses as he is just happy to be part of it all. Don't get me wrong, he is just as competitive as his brother but he can see it in a more positive light.

5. Travel memories. This year we are really toning it down and "only" going to Ucluelet for Spring Break. I'm looking forward to building up our travel fund again and putting a lot more towards our mortgage in the meantime. Thankful for all of the opportunities we have had as a family!

7. A good read. This book is impactful and if you do not have a lot of time, I recommend just reading the first chapter. It covers ideas like going through you life like you do your closet. Sort what stays and goes. Do this process often. Don't ask "What can I get rid of" but "What am I going to invest in". My top three currently are: My health (spiritual/physical/emotional), my family (Gary and kids), my students. 

8. One on one time with Kai. We haven't had the easiest transition to teenage life but when he wants to spend one on one time with me, I take it. This may look like walks through the neighbourhood or checking out Sport Chek for Canucks gear. We recently went to Willowbrook Mall which is a shocker as he does not like shopping at all.

9. Watching Survivor with the boys. This is the one time each week we watch a show together and the boys love it. They looked so sweet cuddling together but don't worry, full out wrestling during commercial breaks.

10. Beautiful fall. I love walking by the leaves that are still out there. I have been going outside to walk for an hour each day and it's been great for my mental health. I'm not sure I am ready for the snow in the forecast....

11. Hockey for me! I love it. I do struggle with frustration as I can't seem to score but tell myself that I still play an important role keeping the ball in the right end and making assists ;) 

All right, friends, what is something YOU are thankful for today?


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