Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Hello and thank you for checking this space out once again. I have been here since 2006–13 years, isn't that wild? While I blog only once a week at most now, I do value this space and the community it has allowed me to have. I'm curious how going into another school year teaching will affect Talk Nerdy to Me but I plan to keep updating as I'm able.

All right, after a busy summer, this is what I am thankful for:

1. Safe travels. We went to Vancouver Island, road trip to Edmonton for hockey and spent three weeks travelling Europe. I do get nervous about safety in our transportation so I'm very grateful that it all went well. Health wise, Koen had his cyclic vomiting twice on our travels (once on Vancouver Island and once on the plane home from Europe) and I had a migraine coming home from Edmonton. Overall, compared to most of our travels, this is very good! PS Koen has his cyclic vomiting about once/month and this summer it was three times in one month. It is not contagious and it is triggered by emotions (anxiety, excitement, fatigue) or environment (allergies, heat). Thankfully it lasts four hours from start to finish. That said, if you know someone who has this and have any solutions, please connect with me! 

2. Free outdoor pools in Surrey. I love it! Well, I love that Gary takes the kids. 

3. Donating blood with Gary. It's very important to me and I love that Gary lets me sign him up. This was my 25th donation and his 18th. Also exciting is that my hemoglobin levels have been high enough since my endometrial ablation in 2016. If you are wanting to donate blood there is a fabulous app called "Give Blood" that allows you to book online.

4. Netflix. Gary and I try to watch something together each night. We just finished this six-part series which is about basketball and living on a reservation. It wasn't amazing but it was good (7/10). We're also watching Money Heist. Let me know if you have anything else to recommend!

5. Cool summer nights. I have loooooooved the perfect temperatures we have had. It makes being outside so easy. Also, our super densely populated neighbourhood doesn't seem so populated after being in Holland.

6. Thrift store finds. On my birthday (which is spent all alone!!!!) I went to thrift store and found myself this school bag. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted (Lululemon, excellent condition, big enough for my computer and millions of pockets etc) and only 1/4 the price as a brand new one. 

7. Getting all the appointments done. It is so hard to do the dentist, bank, ortho etc. during the school year so I packed as much as I could into this week. One investing appointment I had put off for almost 10 months–yikes!

8. Reading. I actually did not read a lot this summer–maybe four books– but that is okay. I'm currently working on this one but it's not an easy read so it's taking a while. It's supposed to be good so I will carry on. Have you read it? 

9. Celebrating Kai's 13th birthday with the Chapmans. When a grandchild turns 13 the family gets together to encourage and speak into the life of the child. It was Kai's turn this week and I am thankful for so many people that love our children deeply.

Looks like a small group but there were a lot of people there
10. Another year of adventures with Gary. We celebrate both of our birthdays in August so there is a sense of gratefulness for another year of life for both of us. Thankful for health and a continued commitment to our family and each other. We spend a lot of time together, like, way too much (two teachers who work at the same school and have summers off together), but it works!

As Gary and I head into another school year on Monday, I feel nervous about teaching but also confident. I feel hopeful that my kids will feel loved and known by their teachers and that they would make solid friendships. I hope you had a good summer and that the transition back to school goes well for you and your kids!



  1. I am glad you still blog:) That cyclic vomiting sounds horrible! Poor Koen (and poor Mama). Hope the return back to school goes well for everyone!

  2. I just booked Edwin to donate blood this coming Tuesday! I checked when I can donate again and it's 5 years after remission. Edwin will be the donor of the family for now!