Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

*Warning: There is a photo of a pork heart in #7*

This week I am thankful for:

1. A date with Koen to Glow. The original plan was for Gary and I to go but we forgot that Kai (our babysitter) was gone and Nya ended up being sick. So, off we went for some mother and son time which he loved. He has a lot of energy so I really shouldn't have gotten our drinks first because I was running around after him with our two Glow cups, our coats and a camera ;)

2. Seeing a pediatric dermatologist for Nya Bear. I do not love driving to Vancouver (or back during rush hour) so I'm glad that's done! It was a follow up as she lost a lot of hair this summer. It is likely "Telogen Effluvium" in case it ever happens to you or your kids. It's when a lot of hair is lost at once likely 3 months after a stressful event. For her it was a combo of anemia and a high fever from a bout with bronchitis.
(Below you can see the difference four months makes)

3. Homemade meals. Gary made some Dutch Baby (German pancakes) and they were delicious.  One of my love languages is whipped cream and blueberry sauce.

4. A hard-working husband. He's currently in basketball season which means extra evenings and weekends. He enjoys it and is good at it. It obviously makes everything a bit trickier at home but I'm proud of him for working hard each and every day.

5. Our home. It seemed like such a huge investment in 2005 with it costing just under $400,000. I can't imagine trying to buy now where our house is worth twice that. I'm thankful for the freedom we have with a smaller mortgage and look forward to being (hopefully) mortgage free in the next five years! I love that it was four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a basement. Sure, the kitchen is small and our yard it less than ideal but it has worked out so well for us. 

{We've painted a few times in the past 13 years so it looks quite different now!}

6. A quick emotional read. Now I can't wait to watch the movie! One thing I really miss due to working each day is reading. Also exercising more. 

7. Teaching Biology 12 again. I like science in general but LOVE biology. This week we examined pork hearts which are very similar to human ones. Super cool.

8. Koen soon having his own room. Our Baby Girl leaves in one week but will still sleepover once a week. We will just store her mini crib and then when she sleeps over, Koen and Kai will share their bunkbeds again and have "bro time". Win win.

9. Active kids. I hope this continues forever because it's so good for their mental and physical health. Gary stayed busy playing basketball for about 15 years straight and that kept him out of a lot of trouble.

10. Bubi. The most important object in our home. The greatest emotional regulator. May we never lose her (yes, she's a girl).

I hope you had a wonderful week! Thank you again for reading this space, I appreciate it!


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