Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Perfect during the day and then...

I really didn't want to put an unappealing picture of Kai on here but this is what babies are like when all the guests leave and mom and dad want to sleep!!!

Definition of Colic:
Colic is sustained episodes of crying in a baby, for no apparent reason. Sometimes episodes last for several hours at a time. Colic usually begins within the first couple weeks of life, and is usually gone by the time a baby is about five months old.

So, our little Kaiser bun likes to scream for no apparent reason for some undecided hour or two or three throughout the night. Last night we were fortunate that it was from 11pm-12:30am. This could last up til 5 months?!!! NO!!!!! Gary says he likes attention like his mom.


  1. Hi Louise and Gary.

    Great pictures and happy birtdays. August is a good time for teachers to celebrate birthdays.

    Regarding colic and its treatments, check out the site.

    Al and Oma Pater

  2. He's like Kaiser-so-zay from that movie! You never really know who he truely is until the end!

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    We struggled with colic too!!! I feel for you! I discovered "The Happiest Baby on the Block" book (there is a web site too) after it had finally ended but I think it would have made a difference to use those techniques. Same with using a sling- we have one from and it's awesome- and the baby hammock ( which I finally bought when Eva was 9 months and still fighting sleep. Good luck! I hope it gets better really really soon!