Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our Spring Break...

Gary's pretty serious about his painting...good job buddy!
We spent our first day of spring break painting the baby room...I love the colour! Now, we just have to find stuff to put in it! Gary even missed out on most of the NCAA basketball games today to do it...what a trooper.


  1. I hate painting, I remember this one and my dad painted my whole basement, and right after we finished, my mom told us she didn't like the colour....that sucked

  2. Ahhh Spring Break- just hearing you mention the word makes me miss it- a whole week off work sounds pretty amazing now! But, when I had it, it was never enough! I shouldn't complain as I just spent 4 nights away in SAfrica! Having painted my room and ceiling here, I have great compassion for Gary, and missing the BB games on top- amazing! The Ultrasound makes it all seem so real eh? I'm off to bed- enough random thoughts for one night!

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Mr. Chapman is pro, and about to be a father. I think that's neat.