Tuesday, February 07, 2006

School for Nyima

Update: our school has currently raised $28,000 which not only pays for the school but now helps contribute to teacher salaries, desks, and tuition fees!!
Fraser Valley Christian High (the school Gary and I work at) is currently trying to raise $25,000 to build an elementary school in Sierra Leone. This is in a village that our principal, Dennis Degroot visited a year ago. So far, students have raised $16,000 by having a penny drive and asking neighbours and friends, or, even using their own money. We're hoping to raise the last $9,000 in this next week! If anyone is interested in donating, you can get a tax reciept for gifts more than $25. Cheques are payable to Fraser Valley Christian High-African school project. It's always awkward asking for money, but, there is money out there to be given and it is for a wonderful cause. I know first hand how much education is valued in Africa, and, what a difference it can make! If you want more info, you can check our school website at www.fvchs.bc.ca.

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