Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Boy

KAI...the big boy!

(Mommy, do you really need a picture of me in my underwear?)

I am so proud of him. This is day 4 and he peed in his undies twice on Saturday morning, but other than that...perfection! I'm scared to speak too soon. When we go out, he does wear Pull Ups because I don't quite trust him, but he keeps them dry! He even peed on the toilet at Maria's house today (I think that when he heard that they got smarties at their house for peeing, he was a little more motivated to try a new toilet). So far, this is a billion times easier than I thought it would be and:
a. I know that this could change overnight
b. I'm so glad that I waited longer til he was more than ready
c. He goes by himself when he wants, I don't ever have to put him on the toilet which I thought I would be doing all day long.

He seems to zone out a lot. Or maybe he just is zoning out when I talk to him. Hmmm...where could he get that from? At Sunday School this week, he was running around during story time which I don't appreciate so we had a talk about that. Also, during the service, he took off running towards the sunday school room (he REALLY wanted to go). I ran after him and he said, `But Mommy, I'm exercising!'. (Background on this: Whenever we go for a walk, I encourage him to not be in the stroller because it's important to exercise to be healthy and strong). He loves spending time with us and is so happy that we are all together during dinner time again. I love him so much and even though he's 2.5, I still look at him sometimes and can't believe he's my boy. I don't know when I'll get used to the fact that I'm not just playing the mommy role, I am a mom:)

(Didn't quite capture it but this is his `I don't think so' face)

Lately, he is usually up from 6-11pm. Then, he will sleep about 5 hours, have a quick feed at 4am (maybe 20 minutes total) and then sleep til 7am. Wow. I feel so alive. That is some serious sleep I'm getting! During the day, to get him to sleep, we now hold him on his tummy (football hold) for about 15 minutes and then lay him down upstairs in our room with the bathroom fan on. I was going to move him to the baby room at night but our monitor is too noisy in our room and his cry is too quiet that I'm scared I would sleep through it. So, we are waiting one more week.

Saw the doctor today and it was confirmed. He said I am doing everything I can to help keep the milk down and alleviate the pain. He did give me a prescription for Ranitidine (Zantac) which will decrease the acidity of the stomach thus reducing the pain BUT it obviously does not fix the sphincter which means we will have to continue keeping him inclined or on his stomach, not boucing him etc. This it tough when people hold him, I feel so anal saying `please don't bounce him, please keep him upright etc). Oh well, I'm sure they don't want to be barfed on:) I'm actually not sure if I will give it to him as I have to check out the side effects (Marsalie...side effects?).

Not sure if the BioGaia drops are doing anything but I will continue giving it to him as I spent $37 on it and a probiotic can't be anything but good, right? I guess he's not farting as much now that I think about it...although that could be due to my diet too.

He was 14lbs 4 oz at the doctors office. He has his shots next week so we'll measure and weigh him again then. He is fully into 6 month sleepers now, although this green one is 3-6 months.
We haven't seen too many smiles as most of his time awake is grunting/crying/snorting/face scrunched up etc. I think he really is a happy boy, he just feels some owies in his tummy. When I was holding him last night, I was thinking he was going to grow up to be a goofball like his brother.

Gary (I won't talk about his weight/gas/personality:))
So nice to have him home. He made two yummy dinners (last night was a Chicken Mole recipe...YUM), he plays with Kai while I have Koen, AND he holds Koen from 10-11pm so I can go to bed! Wanna know what Gary and I do for fun? When Kai goes to bed, we watch episodes of `Criminal Minds' and eat popcorn. Sometimes I get a foot massage:) Who knew I would like Criminal Minds as I am such a scaredy cat...but I do! Gary is happy with how far they went in basketball.

Somehow I've really plateaued with my weight loss. Maybe even gaining a bit. I have a good 10lbs to lose to be pre-Koen weight. I feel like its all in my belly. I don't care so much, I just want my clothes to fit for practical reasons. Also, I feel like I'm eating well and exercising so I wish I could see some results. I'm up to running 2.5km which is not hard to do but the next day, it feels like how it used to feel when I ran 10km the day before:) Football practices start in 1.5 weeks so I'm super pumped about it. My little sister has joined our team so that should be fun. Mentally, I feel so normal. Wow. I feel like Louise and not hormonal woman. I wish I had more time to read but I guess I would if I wasn't blogging. Okay, time to return to mom mode!


  1. The first photo of Kai looks ... so ... sad? I dunno... I just feel so bad for him in his little shirt :)
    Does Koen have ORANGE hair? When did this happen??
    As someone once recently told me: don't focus on weight; focus on how you feel...seems like you're eating well and exercising, so there's not much more you can do (besides drinking tons of water)!

  2. Oh come on! We were all waiting for Gary's weight and other disappointing. :)

    I am not sure I noticed any side effects with the Ranitidine. Both babies were on it for a time, but Ashlyn was on it for a lot longer. I do know that I tried to wean her when she wasn't quite ready and the vomitting increased, so it does work. I think the supposed side effects are also those associated with reflux...belly pain, constipation, vomitting, etc.

    I will say that although she threw-up everything I fed her in the first few months of her life, she is a great eater now with no issues....AND she sleeps on her back on a flat mattress...AND she loves to be bounced. I never thought we would get there, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Just hang in there and it will get better. I promise!

    And, don't worry about your weight. Koen is only a month old! I think you look great and as long as you feel good about your health, then don't worry about the number on the scale. I think there is too much pressure for women to get back into their pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible. It took you nine months to gain the weight...give yourself time to lose it.

    I am glad that you and Gary have time together again...definitely needed when you have little ones at home.

  3. great post! asher was on zantac for his reflux too. the only side affect that he had was diahrea/runnier poos, multiple times. just makes for double the diaper changes, but it helped (even though he'd fight taking it...was not a fan).